A 1-Year CHALLENGE to Help You Supercharge Your Writing Career in 2018

One thing I often receive comments on is how I've managed to build an online community around my writing. To be honest, part of my success at doing that is because I just simply LOVE interacting with readers and other writers, and so it happened somewhat organically as I began to put my work out... Continue Reading →


Don’t Have Scrivener? How to Use Microsoft Word for All Your Writing Needs

Let me say up front that I DO NOT USE SCRIVENER.  Yes, yes, I know that Scrivener is the be-all-end-all of writing programs, and that 78% of you think I'm missing out massively by not using it.  But... I don't have it. Because I don't have it, I have experimented with a variety of other... Continue Reading →

What to Do When Writing Sucks

Let's face it... All writers eventually hit a point where writing just isn't fun anymore.  Even if it only lasts a few minutes (lucky you!), every writer has had a moment (or two? three? fifteen-hundred?) where they just simply didn't want to write.  That moment when writing sucks and we wonder why we ever decided to do... Continue Reading →

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