July: The Month of Parades, Parties… and Sales!

It's July, the month of parades, parties... and sales! To celebrate, I'm offering all three books in The Lex Chronicles series for just $0.99 each for a limited time! This series is my "heart series," meaning I nearly died writing it. (Just kidding... sort of.) The creation of Arameth and The Lex Chronicles took more... Continue Reading →

Release Book 2!

Wow!  So, earlier today, I posted this on my website and Facebook page: The Path to Paradox (Book 2 of The Lex Chronicles) has made it through both Alpha and Beta reads and is now in Phase 1 Edits!  Unfortunately, my marketing people say we cannot release Book 2 until Book 1 gets more traction, so if you're... Continue Reading →

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