“How to Self-Edit”: CHECKLIST

A handy checklist companion to last week's blog post. Prefer this checklist as a PDF? Click here to download the PDF version: How to Self-Edit CHECKLIST


How to Self-Edit Your Writing

A good self-edit can make a huge difference in your writing, but only if you know how to do it well.   Even if you're planning to use a professional editor or Beta Readers (which I highly recommend), self-editing beforehand can save your editor/readers a lot of frustration and make the process way less work for... Continue Reading →

Titles and Blurbs

A quick bullet-point list of tips for choosing a title and writing a blurb! TITLES *First of all, THE TITLE MATTERS! (Let’s just get that out of the way.) *Know your audience (“straightforward” Wattpad title v. literary title for academics/high-brow readers) *A good title won’t make your book do well, but a bad one WILL... Continue Reading →

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