Plotting Your Story: How to Craft a Complex, Compelling Story That Keeps Readers Turning the Pages

Hi, everyone, and welcome to my new blog post series... Plotting Your Story: How to Craft a Complex, Compelling Story Plot! This particular series is based on a Skillshare video course I created a few months ago. In the video course, I walked through my personal process for planning and plotting a novel (and a... Continue Reading →


Secrets of “Show, Don’t Tell”: What It Really Means and How to Do It Well

Occasionally I ask readers what blog post topics they'd most like to see.  Being that some of my readers are also writers, I receive a variety of requests on different writing topics... but lately one I've seen repeatedly is this: What about "Show, Don't Tell"?  How do I do it? What are the rules?  I've heard it... Continue Reading →

Facebook Groups for Writers (and Readers!)

Exciting news! I now have 2 new public Facebook Groups available: FICTION WORKSHOP: A brainstorming and critique group for writers and readers (Writers AND volunteer Readers are welcome to join! Writers can post sections of their work for feedback, and Readers can provide feedback even if they aren't writers themselves.) AND BETTER YOUR FICTION:... Continue Reading →

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