Encouraging Creativity in Young Writers

In our family, we try our best to allow space for creativity, sometimes even when it doesn’t “make sense.”   When our daughter was younger, she was in a kids’ class where they sang a song about what they wanted to be when they grew up.  When it was our daughter’s turn, she called out, “Kangaroo!”... Continue Reading →

Why Student Writers Procrastinate

We all procrastinate in some areas of life, but procrastination in school assignments – particularly writing – can have adverse consequences.   In my experience, I have seen students’ writing improve drastically from one draft to the next, yet many students leave only enough time for a hurried first draft before the due date. When students... Continue Reading →

Growing Young Writers: 6 Ways to Encourage a Love of Writing in Your Preschooler

When talking about preschoolers, often the word writing is used to mean the fine motor skill of  handwriting or penmanship.  In this context, however, I am talking about writing in the sense of composition, translating complex ideas into written word. Here are 6 tips for helping young children develop the skills they will need to be competent,... Continue Reading →

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