I may not be updating for a while, as Irma is coming right for us, and we are expecting extensive power outages and possibly serious property damage.   We're finishing up hurricane prep and doing all we can to be safe.  But I may not be online for a while. To all else in the... Continue Reading →

News and Updates!

Typically my blog posts center on providing useful information and tips for writers, but occasionally I do a good, old-fashioned "here's what's happening in my world" blog post instead. Today is one of those days. So, if you're a regular follower on my other platforms, you may already know some of this.  Consider this a... Continue Reading →

I Am the Tortoise…

I've been on Wattpad 6 months now, and I can hardly believe how much has happened in those 6 months.   From my summer resolution to write every day - and the decision to join Wattpad on a whim as part of that - has grown something AMAZING. Am I super-successful and making a living... Continue Reading →

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