The Things That Matter

I have not always fully appreciated my parents.  In my younger days, even though I loved and respected my mother and father, there were times when my immaturity and inexperience led me to believe that I possessed some greater knowledge than my parents did, that somehow their lack of expertise in technology, their entirely different... Continue Reading →

I’d Rather Be a Shoelace

I'd Rather Be a Shoelace (or, I'm Glad I'm Not a Prairie Dog! ) Pretend for a moment that you sell shoelaces for a living. You got in on the colored-shoelaces fashion craze a few years back, and now the trend has spread, providing a healthy market in your town for your growing assortment of brightly colored and... Continue Reading →

5’3″ Teacher with Brown Hair

Why do we often define people by characteristics which are transitory? When asked to describe a missing person, we give four major characteristics: Height, weight, hair color, and eye color.  Yet, at least two of those are easily changed (with a simple installation of colored contacts and hair dye), and even weight can be changed... Continue Reading →

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