One day only!

My new book, The Edge of Nothing, released today! Blurb: Enter Arameth, a magical world of adventure and chaos filled with monsters, heroes, and danger... and where hardly anything is what it seems. When seventeen-year-old Lex wakes in a shed with no memory of how he got there, he quickly realizes his life is in danger.... Continue Reading →


Giveaway! (And Wattpad Block Party!)

This month, I'm a Featured Author in a really cool event where you can read special posts from an assortment of amazing writers, including USA Today Bestselling authors!  The event is called the Wattpad Block Party, and each day in February 2018, a new group of writers are featured and special chapters are posted from... Continue Reading →

Sneak Peek & Cover Art Reveal!

Hi, everyone! This week I have some really exciting news, in case you haven't heard... I have a new book series in the works! My newest project is actually one I've been working on for a very long time (like, years) that is finally coming together.  It's a fantasy-romance series, and I'm so excited for you all... Continue Reading →

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