Free Books for February!

Hi, everyone!  I’m participating in several book promos and sales with other authors this month, so I just wanted to share a master list of all the things we’ve got going for February!  Whether you want free e-books and stories in exchange for signing up for the author’s newsletter, free e-books in exchange for posting honest reviews, “try before you buy” audiobook samples, or simply a curated, genre-specific list of e-books currently on sale or discounted, we’ve got you covered!

**Click on the images below to be taken to each promotion page!**

Disclaimer: I have not personally read each and every book on these lists, so please read the book descriptions and use your own judgment for which books fit your tastes/content expectations!


“Free with Newsletter Sign-up” Promos:  

(Get free books in exchange for subscribing to the authors’ email lists — you can unsubscribe at any time if you decide the book/author just isn’t doing it for you!)







“Review Copy” Promos:

(Get a free copy of whichever books you choose from the list, in exchange for agreeing to leave an honest review once you’ve read it!)


(Note: The above promotion is specifically for listeners/readers living in the UK.)


Sales and Discounted Books:

(All books in these promos are currently on sale! Choose any that interest you and you’ll be directed to the corresponding site [Amazon, B&N, etc.] to find out more and/or purchase them.)






Book Samples:

(Try before you buy!  Get samples of audiobooks in exchange for joining the author’s email list.)



That’s it for this month, but I have more coming up in March.

Take a look at these promos and see if anything interests you… you might just find your next favorite read!

Have fun browsing!  🙂

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