Free Epic Fantasy Audiobook Sample!

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Instagram_BK_ACX0_125519 (1)

An evil force terrorizes Arameth, but those out to stop it have a serious problem:  their prophesied hero is dead.

When seventeen-year-old Lex wakes up tied to a chair, he faces the shock of his life.  Though he can’t remember anything prior to that moment, his captors believe he’s a dangerous magicborn responsible for multiple deaths in their village from years ago… and they’re willing to kill him to even the score.

When Lex allies with those trying to save Arameth, he finds he possesses far greater power and training than he realized, and he determines to use it for good.  Lex soon learns the danger is much bigger than he realized – his past mistakes have set in motion the destruction not only of Arameth, but also the worlds beyond.  Their fate all lies in Lex’s choice of what he will do next and what kind of person he will become, now that he’s been given another chance.

A YA fantasy about friendship, second chances, and the impact of one person’s choices.

With lovable characters, suspenseful adventure, and a slight twinge of romance, this story will keep you on your toes while also bringing all the feels.  Check out this epic fantasy series today!


*This audiobook sample includes Prologue and Chapters 1-2.  If you enjoy this sample, you can find the full audiobook on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.*

Just click here (or on the image above) to subscribe and get your free audiobook sample!

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