Swoonworthy Battle Heroes introduces: Warrior Women!

Hello, and welcome to another exclusive interview from Swoonworthy Battle Heroes magazine!   If you’re new to this publication, here’s what you need to know:   SBH is an elite club exclusively for fantastical, swoon-inducing battle heroes!  In an effort to acknowledge the amazing women who fight evil alongside their male counterparts, SBH has just launched... Continue Reading →

How to Destroy a Pesky Prophetic Hero

Hello, and welcome to the first-ever installment of our brand-new Evil Overlord advice column, brought to you by a coalition of super-villains who prefer to remain nameless... for now. Today we’re featuring an up-and-coming sorceress-turned-conquerer with a goddess complex – so much so that she’s even willing to share her name, despite the risk of... Continue Reading →

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