Release Book 2!

Wow!  So, earlier today, I posted this on my website and Facebook page:

The Path to Paradox (Book 2 of The Lex Chronicles) has made it through both Alpha and Beta reads and is now in Phase 1 Edits!  Unfortunately, my marketing people say we cannot release Book 2 until Book 1 gets more traction, so if you’re eager to read Book 2, here’s how you can help:  SEND PEOPLE TO LIKE & FOLLOW MY FACEBOOK PAGE!

We will be releasing The Path to Paradox whenever my Facebook page hits 1,000 likes.   It’s a lofty goal (the page is currently only at 128 Likes as I’m typing this) but I know we can do it!  Having a larger Facebook following means more visibility as I’m posting about The Lex Chronicles and my other projects, which is super important because it means:

  • a better chance at spreading the word about Book 1 (The Edge of Nothing), and
  • a larger audience to release future books to, and
  • a larger fan base in general, which means
  • I can afford to continue devoting time to writing more and more books!

Plus, I’m about to start rolling out new Facebook content and start an active Facebook group with sneak-peeks, swag, and special content (see below!), so it will be a win-win for everybody!

Here are some ideas for how you can help me hit this goal:

  • ​Invite any of your friends who like YA Fiction to like my page!
  • Share my page in any groups you may be a part of where there are people who would enjoy my books
  • Review my books on Amazon and share those reviews on social media, with a link to my Facebook page
  • Share my Facebook page posts as they come out… my posts will very soon be increasing in frequency and in content value, as I’m striving to make sure I post things worth sharing!
  • Join my group when it launches (it’s coming soon) and tell your friends!

I’m really excited about launching Book 2, and I’m glad that you all get to be a part of helping to make this happen.  When we reach 1000 likes, we can all celebrate big!!!

I’ll be updating the meter on the left every couple of days to let you know how it’s going!

Within FOUR HOURS, I had 63 new likes (and counting)!

63 may not seem like much, but imagine if we kept this ball rolling… we could have Book 2 released in NO TIME!

Have you liked my Facebook page yet?  If not, hop on over and give it a Like… it only takes a moment, but it will help me reach my goal so we can #releasebook2!

Thank you!!!


Crystal Crawford


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