I'm a little late to the Cyber Monday celebration, but... here it is...   The Edge of Nothing e-book is 0.99 today only!   If you've already purchased the paperback through Amazon previously, you can get the e-book today for FREE!   This is the first in The Lex Chronicles and also the debut novel... Continue Reading →

Plantsing: How Loose Outlines Save My Turkey… and My Books

Hi, everyone, and welcome to today's discussion of the craft of fiction, this time with a Thanksgiving spin: Plantsing: How Loose Outlines Save My Turkey... and My Books! So, if you've followed any of my series on Plotting, you know that I... well... like plotting. But here's my secret:  I didn't use to plot my... Continue Reading →

Help Me Release Book 2!

Hi, everyone!  So, as many of you know, I'm smack in the middle of launching a brand-new Science Fantasy series called The Lex Chronicles. Book 1 is already out... but the release of Book 2 depends on hitting some marketing goals for book 1 first... specifically that my Facebook page hits 1,000 likes.   I know... Continue Reading →

Release Book 2!

Wow!  So, earlier today, I posted this on my website and Facebook page: The Path to Paradox (Book 2 of The Lex Chronicles) has made it through both Alpha and Beta reads and is now in Phase 1 Edits!  Unfortunately, my marketing people say we cannot release Book 2 until Book 1 gets more traction, so if you're... Continue Reading →

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