Plotting Your Story: How to Craft a Complex, Compelling Story That Keeps Readers Turning the Pages

Hi, everyone, and welcome to my new blog post series…

Plotting Your Story: How to Craft a Complex, Compelling Story Plot!

This particular series is based on a Skillshare video course I created a few months ago.

In the video course, I walked through my personal process for planning and plotting a novel (and a series)…

These are the techniques I’ve found for crafting characters, plots, and overall stories that keep readers enthralled and turning those pages.  🙂

In this blog series, I’ll be covering the EXACT SAME methods and techniques I show in the Skillshare video, with visuals, etc.   I still recommend the Skillshare video if you want to actually have me walk you through the process step-by-step…

(For transparency’s sake, I DO GET PAID based on views on the video course, and I get a bonus if you actually decide to join Skillshare’s premium service through my link: ).

… BUT if you’re more of a “read it and figure it out” sort of person, then this blog series is for you!

And of course, you can still comment or email me with any questions you have.  🙂

Here’s the overview of what I’ll be covering in this series:

  1. Premise
  2. Internal Story
  3. External Story
  4. Thematic Threads
  5. Revelations
  6. Detailed Outlining
  7. The Perfect Ending

Each of these will be a separate blog post (1 per week for the next 7 weeks!), and the first is also going up TODAY!   It will give an explanation of the topic, show you some pictures and examples, and then give a suggested “Assignment” you can do to develop those particular aspects of your story.   If you walk through the full series with me, you can have  your story totally planned and ready to write by the end of post 7!  🙂

If you want to see the full series, be sure to subscribe so you’ll see my updates as I post.

Ready to begin?  Start with Plotting Your Story, Step #1: Premise!

I hope you find this series helpful.  Let me know what you think!


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