Today’s the day!

Today is the day my Wattpad Block Party post goes live!

You won’t want to miss this… it has behind-the-scenes info about my writing, plus access to sneak peeks and special content… and a giveaway!

Here’s how to access it:


  1. Hop over to and make an account…if you don’t already have one! (It’s free!)
  2. Follow me on Wattpad so you’ll see when my posts go live…
  3. Visit the Wattpad Block Party and
  4. Add the Wattpad Block Party book to your Wattpad library so you’ll be notified when new chapters are added!
  5. When my post goes live on February 15th, be sure to check it out… it includes a Giveaway!
  6. Leave me your comments and feedback on the Sneak-Peek of my new book (if you want!), which will be going live on the same day (directions on how to find it will be in my Wattpad Block Party post!).  I’d love to read your feedback!



Mine isn’t the only post… there are posts going up all month long, every day!

I hope I see you there!

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