Exciting Things Are Happening!

There is lots of exciting new stuff happening on my website, but one of my favorites is our new LIVE Chat Room!   We’ve already had our first Writers’ Chat and Themed Chat, and tonight is our first-ever Character Chat, where a character from one of my books will actually be in the chat to talk with readers!

I am so excited about this!

You can find out more about the live chat here: https://www.ccrawfordwriting.com/live-chat-room

The chat schedule is found here: https://www.ccrawfordwriting.com/live-chat-schedule

You will need an access code to get in, but there are two ways to get one:  either subscribe or get in FREE by sharing one of the above chat room links with a friend!  Simply e-mail a screenshot showing you’ve shared the link (email this to ccrawford@ccrawfordwriting.com), and I’ll send you an access code and link to the chat room!  You’ll get a full free month for each person you show me you’ve shared it with. It’s that easy!

Tonight’s chat is being led by Hunter Dresson, one of the stars of my book I’m Not a Stalker!  Hope to see you all there at 8PM!

Chat Room Schedule


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