How to Create Memorable Characters

All readers have experienced it at one time or another -- that deep, resonant connection to a character in a book who, for a time, can seem almost more real than the people around us.  The best of these characters stick with us long after we've finished the book, informing us, lingering like an old... Continue Reading →

How to Create a Captivating Setting

Welcome to the first of a series of "How To" guides I'm going to be writing over the next few weeks!   In this series, I'll be making both an infographic and a worksheet/checklist to go with each blog as well! First up, "How to Create a Captivating Setting!" How to Create a Captivating Setting... Continue Reading →


I may not be updating for a while, as Irma is coming right for us, and we are expecting extensive power outages and possibly serious property damage.   We're finishing up hurricane prep and doing all we can to be safe.  But I may not be online for a while. To all else in the... Continue Reading →

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