News and Updates!

Typically my blog posts center on providing useful information and tips for writers, but occasionally I do a good, old-fashioned “here’s what’s happening in my world” blog post instead.

Today is one of those days.

So, if you’re a regular follower on my other platforms, you may already know some of this.  Consider this a general review of the latest CCrawfordWriting news, all in one place.   If you follow me only here on WordPress, some of this may be new to you… which is great!

Either way, here’s what’s happening in the world of CCrawfordWriting:

1. Merchandise!

The latest development (so far!) on my Wattpad story, I’m Not a Stalker, is that we now have fan merchandise available.  You can purchase T-shirts and sweatshirts displaying quotes from the story, and show your support for the book all over town! And more merchandise will be added soon. You can find them under the “Shop” tab on my website.  We have a fabulous relationship with the printing company, and the proceeds from the merchandise go toward supporting future CCrawfordWriting projects, of which there are several in the works (see below).  🙂

2. (Nearing) 1 Million Reads!

I’m Not a Stalker is rapidly approaching 1 Million reads on Wattpad!  When it reaches that milestone, I will release some special, surprise content to my Wattpad readers.  If you don’t follow me on Wattpad, make sure you do so you won’t miss out!

3. Interactive Story App!

This one I posted about here on the blog previously, but I want to mention it again, because it’s really a fun thing!  You can now play through my story in an interactive app, where YOUR choices determine the outcomes!   The app is free to download and play, and my story (I’m Not a Stalker) is shelved under Comedy.    Also, your interaction on the story determines whether I’ll get to finish the story out in the app… right now the first few chapters are up, but if the story gets enough response, I’ll be posting up ten more chapters!

4. Spin-offs/Sequels

Initially, I wrote I’m Not a Stalker as a stand-alone book.  However, after overwhelming response from readers and requests for additional content, I decided to write some bonus chapters as well as a series of spin-offs featuring some of the book’s prominent characters.  These are up and going on Wattpad.  I am currently finishing up the 2nd of these spin-offs (3rd in overall Stalker line-up), and will soon be moving into the 3rd and then the 4th and final spin-off (making for 5 Stalker books total).   If you’re interested in this series, Wattpad is the place to be (for now!  more to come on that in a minute).  You can find them all here. There is also a bonus “mini-book” not available on Wattpad — more of a short-story than a book — that you get for free when you subscribe to the newsletter on my website.  It goes deeper into one of the side characters from the series.

5. E-books!

Once all the books in the series are finished on Wattpad, the next in line for the Stalker project is an e-book launch.  I plan to release all 5 of the books for sale in e-book format.   “But wait!” you say.  “Why would anyone buy them when they can be read for free on Wattpad?”   Well, here’s the answer:

1. The e-books will be greatly revised from the rough draft (Wattpad) versions.  I’ve already begun work on the first one, and I can tell you the story will be refined and honed and way less wordy.

2. The e-books will include exclusive content not available in the Wattpad versions (background info on characters and some exclusive bonus chapters, for example).

3.  The e-books will allow those who don’t use Wattpad (or don’t want to) to finally read my books.  (Yay!)

4. Purchases of the e-books will support me, the writer.  (Maybe that’s not a big enough reason by itself, but I’m hoping it’s at least a factor.  😉 )

In short, the e-books will be awesome!  I’ll post more about them when I get closer to launch time.

6. New Series!

And last in today’s updates is this:  I have a completely new series in the works!  That is, it’s new if you don’t count the fact that I’ve actually been working on it for a long time.  But… no one has seen it (except for snippets I sent to a beta reader; even she didn’t get the full story yet!).  It is not available anywhere.  And it is a completely different world and tone than my previous series.    I am super-excited about this series, as it’s kind of my “baby,” the one I’ve been laboring over for literally years.  Right now I’m holding info on this series close to my chest, but I’ll be sharing more about it when the time comes.  (I just need to finish all these Stalker books first!).

So, that’s it!  All the updates from my writing world.   There’s a lot going on over here, but it’s all exciting!   Writing, for me, is still a part-time gig, but I pour a lot of time and energy and heart into it, and I am so amazed with the response I’ve been getting from my readers.  You are all fantastic!   Thanks to you, I’m now diving in to an actual writing career and seeing real progress… it’s my childhood dream come true!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Until next week,



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