Now You Can BE My Main Character!

There is now a game version of “I’m Not a Stalker!” (my story from Wattpad) within the My Story: Choose Your Own Path app!

For this version of the story, I presented things slightly differently than in the original, so you will see a whole new side of the characters, even though the story is true to the original. The app also gives YOU choices as to what the character does at certain points in the story, so I created never-before-seen scenes of the story for alternate outcomes based on what you choose while reading.

This has been so fun to work on! It’s been exciting to see my story brought to life in this way.

The first few chapters are up in the app, and free to read/play (except for a few “Premium” options within the story for which you have to earn/buy gems, but there is always a free alternative to choose).   Whether the story continues in the app depends partly on what response it receives from the app’s users, so if you’re able to check it out, I’d really appreciate it!

The app is called My Story: Choose Your Own Path, and they shelved my story under “Comedy” (even though it’s more of a romance-comedy-mystery 😉 ).

If you give it a try, let me know what you think!

*Note: If you haven’t read the original story on Wattpad, I’d suggest reading it first… the app version works better as a fun supplement, but the original version presents the story better, in my opinion.  😉


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