Wattpad Can Make You a Better Writer

Happy Monday, everyone! Today I want to take just a few minutes to discuss something near and dear to my heart these days:  Wattpad. If you haven't heard of Wattpad, don't worry -- neither had I, until a little over a year ago.   I don't really know why I hadn't -- apparently it is... Continue Reading →

News and Updates!

Typically my blog posts center on providing useful information and tips for writers, but occasionally I do a good, old-fashioned "here's what's happening in my world" blog post instead. Today is one of those days. So, if you're a regular follower on my other platforms, you may already know some of this.  Consider this a... Continue Reading →

Cringe-Worthy Can Be Good

There are two reasons a reader might cringe while reading a story: Because the writing itself is cringe-worthy Because the character's actions are cringe-worthy Believe it or not, the difference between these two reasons is HUGE, and can make or break a story. When readers cringe because the writing is cliche, poorly written, forced, etc.,... Continue Reading →

Creative Independence

Here in the U.S., it is almost a major holiday.   So in honor of July 4th (tomorrow!), today's post is centered on the topic of Independence -- but not the hard-fought political kind that established the United States of America (which I'm so thankful for, by the way!).  Instead, I want to discuss Creative Independence.... Continue Reading →

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