News and Updates

Today I’m taking a break from the usual Tips for Writers posts to give you all an update on some exciting things happening here at CCrawfordWriting!

I’ll just bullet-point the latest news to keep this brief (and because I like lists):

  • I’m Not a Stalker is nearing 700,000 reads on Wattpad, and I am now close to 1000 Wattpad followers… some special celebration events will be announced soon!
  • I’m Not a Stalker is also about to have its own merchandise!  T-shirt designs have been created and are now in the voting phase (I’m letting my Wattpad readers choose which design(s) make the cut!)
  • My YouTube channel is up and running, with videos posted twice a week (Writing tips on Tuesdays, and special videos for my Wattpad readers on Wednesdays.)
  • New chapters of my latest story are posted every Friday on Wattpad.  (Follow me on Wattpad to receive updates!)
  • I now have a CCrawfordWriting Instagram account! It features snippets of my poetry and personal writing not shared elsewhere.  It also includes updates about some of my other writing projects.

There are some other exciting things in the works that will be announced soon… I don’t generally post these types of updates here on the blog (I like to save this for Writing Tips and related posts), so if you want to keep up to date, be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe to my newsletter!

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