Courage in Writing

Hello, everyone!  Today I just want to touch on a few things I’ve learned about writing bravely – writing through fear, doubts, and a myriad of questions and uncertainties.  In a sense, this is about becoming your own writing’s defender and champion, and seeing it through to its purpose. So, let me preface this by... Continue Reading →

Creating Memorable Characters

Characters are the heart of a good story.  Think back to your favorite movie or book series.  What moments impacted you the deepest?  Which parts of the story created the strongest reaction or emotion in you?  Most likely, the moments you have in mind are moments where something major happened in the life of a... Continue Reading →

I Have an Idea… What Now?

A student recently sent me the following comment: “I have the problem where I have an idea have the characters, the world, the basic story idea. But don't know how to connect the dots without having to much unnecessary filler.” Can you relate to this?  Do you have plenty of ideas, but aren’t sure what... Continue Reading →

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