Free Writing Software Review: Papel

Welcome to Part 6 of my "Free Writing Software Review" series. This week's topic: Papel! Papel and I go way back.  It was actually the first writing software I ever used (other than word processors, of course), starting over a decade ago.  I still love Papel, for a few solid reasons mixed in with a... Continue Reading →

Free Writing Software Review: oStorybook

Welcome to Part 5 of my "Free Writing Software Review" series (a companion series to my earlier post, "Free Scrivener Alternatives"). This week, we're looking at yet another free software option: oStorybook! oStorybook has very little online support, so figuring out how to use it required some deep exploration within the program.  I had quite... Continue Reading →

Free Writing Software Review: The Novel Factory

The Novel Factory is not free. It costs $39.99 (the license includes use on unlimited personal computers). However, they do offer a Free Trial that allows full use of the application. This trial even allows for full export of your work into another program in case you decide not to purchase the program once the trial ends. Because of the full-access free trial, and also because I found this program so useful, I've decided to include it in this series.

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