Why YOU Should Write a Memoir

Many people think memoirs can only be written by those who are famous, have achieved great things, or have been through some incredible ordeal.  But while those stories are inspiring, the majority of people will not experience huge once-in-a-lifetime events.  Instead, they will experience a series of everyday events that test them and try them... Continue Reading →

Why Student Writers Procrastinate

We all procrastinate in some areas of life, but procrastination in school assignments – particularly writing – can have adverse consequences.   In my experience, I have seen students’ writing improve drastically from one draft to the next, yet many students leave only enough time for a hurried first draft before the due date. When students... Continue Reading →

Is Your Story Stuck? 5 Solutions to Writer’s Block for Fiction Writers

Even the best writers occasionally run into writer’s block, and fiction writers are no exception.  If you’re stuck in your story, here are 5 suggestions to get your creative mojo back: 1. Thought-mapping While usually used for non-fiction writing, this technique can work wonders for fiction as well.  You simply write the topic you’re stuck... Continue Reading →

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