Attention Writers! 02-09-08 02:45pm EST Do you write fiction, poetry, or interesting non-fiction? Do you believe that your writing has personality, intrigue, and potential? Then Calliope: Voice of the Writers may be just what you're looking for!  We have created Calliope as an online writers' magazine, and we are currently accepting submissions for its opening... Continue Reading →

I’d Rather Be a Shoelace

I'd Rather Be a Shoelace (or, I'm Glad I'm Not a Prairie Dog! ) Pretend for a moment that you sell shoelaces for a living. You got in on the colored-shoelaces fashion craze a few years back, and now the trend has spread, providing a healthy market in your town for your growing assortment of brightly colored and... Continue Reading →

5’3″ Teacher with Brown Hair

Why do we often define people by characteristics which are transitory? When asked to describe a missing person, we give four major characteristics: Height, weight, hair color, and eye color.  Yet, at least two of those are easily changed (with a simple installation of colored contacts and hair dye), and even weight can be changed... Continue Reading →

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