Somewhere in the depths of a black plastic bag in the dark corner of a closet, three Popples sit.

It seems to me that a dark closet is quite an unnatural place for a Popple to be. They’re actually very bright and cheery sort of creatures.

Anyway, the Popple, in spite of its brightly colored fur and its sickeningly cute, cheerful smile, has a sad tale to tell. The Popple was an 80’s fad puppet/cartoon creation which, at the height of seemingly remarkable success and in the midst of the cartoon-character-turned-stuffed-animal craze, suddenly disappeared entirely from the face of the earth.

Where has the Popple gone? This question, like the common childhood query “Where do butterflies go when it rains?” has baffled people for years. Some say the Popples are all hiding out in dark corners of closets. For my own Popples, this, sadly, is the case. Others say that the Popples simply popped out of existence, rolling themselves into a ball and then into a ball again… and again… until they simply disappeared.

When I was a child, I used to wonder whether my stuffed animals came alive at night. I put a lot of thought and concern into treating each one fairly, in the belief that, should they ever awaken, my stuffed animals would remember my kindness toward them and show me mercy by not killing me in my sleep.

Popples look cute, and innocent, and their bright colors seem to suggest a general mood of happiness. However, should a magical fairy of some sort pass by and awaken my Popples, I wonder if their sunny disposition might fade at awakening to the realization that they’ve been stuffed in a closet for over a decade. That’s certainly something to ponder.

For those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about, click here.

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