Somewhere in the depths of a black plastic bag in the dark corner of a closet, three Popples sit. It seems to me that a dark closet is quite an unnatural place for a Popple to be. They’re actually very bright and cheery sort of creatures. Anyway, the Popple, in spite of its brightly colored... Continue Reading →

The BoyBand Bandwagon

The Boyband Bandwagon  The other day I was driving home, listening to some old-school Backstreet Boys, when I had a moment of intense reflection which led to a realization of such magnitude that its likeness will possibly never be replicated: I used to think the Backstreet Boys were cool. I know, I know; that doesn’t... Continue Reading →

Capturing the Demons

Sometimes when I sit down to write, my thoughts are like demons within me, romping about, bickering with one another, tussling in my brain. Every now and then one of them will call out to me, and I will struggle to capture it immediately, to imprison it in words on the page before it can... Continue Reading →

Word Cities

Writers have a unique and important challenge.  They must take the materials they have available – ideas, experience, language – and assemble them into something altogether different.  More than that, they must not merely assemble them, but craft them, so that the pieces fit together into a finished building that invites others not only to... Continue Reading →

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