Help Me Release Book 2!

Hi, everyone!  So, as many of you know, I'm smack in the middle of launching a brand-new Science Fantasy series called The Lex Chronicles. Book 1 is already out... but the release of Book 2 depends on hitting some marketing goals for book 1 first... specifically that my Facebook page hits 1,000 likes.   I know... Continue Reading →


Plotting Your Story, Step #7: The Perfect Ending

Hi, everyone, and welcome to the final post in my "Plotting Your Story" series: Plotting Your Story, Step #7: The Perfect Ending! You've planned out the whole story... you know basically what you want to happen.   But... how do you end it? To be clear, I'm assuming you probably haven't written the story yet.  This step... Continue Reading →

Release Book 2!

Wow!  So, earlier today, I posted this on my website and Facebook page: The Path to Paradox (Book 2 of The Lex Chronicles) has made it through both Alpha and Beta reads and is now in Phase 1 Edits!  Unfortunately, my marketing people say we cannot release Book 2 until Book 1 gets more traction, so if you're... Continue Reading →

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