I’m Migrating My Blog!

Hi, everyone! I'm in the process of transitioning over to having everything in one place -- my website!  As part of this process, I'm merging my blog posts from here on WordPress over to a blog hosted on my site. You can find the new blog here. I'll be leaving this blog up for a... Continue Reading →

Free Online Writing Course! (And an interview about my writing!)

I was recently able to take part in an early pre-release version of a new, FREE online course for writers:  The Writers of the Future online workshop!    It was a super-helpful course packed full of great info, with recorded video lessons from three published authors, including (one of my faves), Orson Scott Card! (The... Continue Reading →

Special Announcement!

Today, the first book M.J. and I ever co-wrote is officially published and launched out into the world! What happens when two normal humans find themselves in the middle of an intergalactic conspiracy? Romance, of course... what else? Grace and Alexia are two strangers who live in the same city and who, unbeknownst to them,... Continue Reading →

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